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Web Development

Research shows that over 80% of customers research a business online before they buy, making it vital for every business (no matter how small) to have an online presence. A professional website from Clothesline Digital can help boost your business.

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Graphic Design

It can be a time consuming and complex process to create custom graphics for your marketing campaigns or company branding. That's why Clothesline Digital offers a wide range of graphic design and photo editing services at an affordable price. Both 3D and 2D services are offered.

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Web Development Solutions

Clothesline Digital can design stunning static websites for nearly any type of business at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors. Our websites feature a polished and functional design that won't overwhelm your customers with an overload of information or unnecessary graphics and animations.

Each website is design and programmed from scratch without the use of templates. This means that every website is designed with the client in mind, ensuring that it fits your every need. Whether you're a small business looking for a minimalist landing page for your customers or a larger business looking for a comprehensive website, Clothesline Digital has you covered.

When the website is completed, we will provide our customers with all of the files so that they can host them on a web server. Don't have a server? No worries! Clothesline Digital can help you setup a web hosting service and custom domain name. We'll even integrate analytics tracking codes into your website so that you can gather information about your website usage.

Looking to sell products or services online? Clothesline Digital can also integrate popular money services with your website, allowing you to make money without the customer ever having to come and see you.

Mobile Friendly

Virtually all of your potential customers have the internet at their fingertips anywhere and anytime. We'll make sure that your website looks on any screen, whether their browsing from a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet.

Optimized For Speed

With technology giving everyone access to information almost instantly, every second counts. Customers are no longer willing to wait for your website to load. That's why we optimize your website to minimize the loading time.

Search Engine Friendly

Having an online presence is useless unless potential customers can discover you. That's why we optimize your website to display properly on the most popular of search engines, helping customers find you.

Social Media Ready

Help your current customers let their friends and family know how much they love your business with a website that can be shared easily. We will ensure that every page on your website displays properly on the most popular social media platforms, increasing user engagement and generating clicks to your links.

Graphic Design Solutions

Clothesline Digital offers a wide range of affordable 2D and 3D graphic design services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're looking for graphics to use on your products, promotional material for your business or company stationary, Clothesline Digital can meet your needs for any project.

Each graphic is tailored to your specific needs, not recycled from previous projects or public domain images on the internet. Plus, you keep the copyright to the material when the project is complete and are free to use it in any project afterwards.

High Resolution Graphics

All our graphics are delivered in high resolution, giving you the flexibility to use them in any project. Whether you're using our designs for web projects, product branding or print, you'll never have to worry about pixilation when you scale up our graphics.

Only Pay Once

Only pay once for your graphic to be designed and have the ability to use the graphic as many times as you want and modify it in any way you want without a costly royalty.

Parallax Images

Have an existing photograph that you want to use in a video project? Give your photos a 3D appearance using the parallax image effect. We can transform your boring 2D photo into a 3D masterpiece.

Brand Designs

Clothesline Digital can also provide your business with professional marketing material and company branding. This includes logo design, flyers, brochures, stationary and more.

Our Clients

Here's a collection of some of our clients that have ordered web developmenet or graphic design services from Clothesline Digital...

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About Clothesline Digital

Based in Southern Ontario, Clothesline Digital is a Canadian design firm that specializes in web development and graphic design. We work with clients to deliver a product that fits all of their needs at a price they can afford.
We offer a variety of services including website development, 2D and 3D graphic design, marketing material design, photo retouching and parallax photo effects to businesses and individuals no matter the budget.


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